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Fixed Deposit Calculator: (Note: Mostly Bank offered Quaterly Compunding) Senior Citizen Get 0.5% Extra Interest

  Fixed Deposit Amount
  Term (years):
  Interest Rate (%) (i.e. 4%):

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Fixed Deposit Calculator

Fixed deposit is a financial instrument offered by banks and financial institutions in India. It is considered as one of the most safe investment option which offers high returns with flexible tenure options.

What is FD Calculator?

Fixed deposit calculator is a tool designed to get an estimate about the maturity amount that the investor should expect at the end of a chosen tenure for a specified deposit amount at the applicable rate of interest.

How to Use FD Calculator?

To use the FD calculator available here, at, customers are suggested to collect the following details beforehand:

  • Deposit Amount
  • Rate of Interest
  • Tenure (in years/months)

Once all these details are filled in, the only step left is to hit the ‘Calculate’ button post which an estimated amount shall be displayed just below the calculator. The table shall reflect the principal amount, maturity amount and segregated interest amount earned.


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